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Chicken Hawk
07-07-2009, 01:48 PM
If I would bring any of the following to Cedar Rapids is anyone interested? Cannot bring everything as driving a car.

Set of 1557570 heads with R 3 stainless valves, 61 cc’s, new intake guides and cone shaped, bronze lined exhaust guides, both cut for other seals, new R 2+ springs, bowl and chamber work, raised roof runners, shaved .007” to clean surface, if bored .060”compression would be from 7.7 to 9.9 depending on pistons and gaskets used. $895 or $795 with exchange.

New and remanufactured Edelbrock carburetors (Compare Summit-add $11.95 handling)

1403 (new 500 electric choke) $305
1404 (new 500 manual choke) $265
9903 (reman 500 elect choke) $275
9904 (reman 500 man. choke) $260

1405 (new 600 manual choke) $270
1406 (new 600 electric choke) $290
9905 (reman 600 man choke) $230
9906 (reman 600 elect choke) $250

NOS tapered Dana 44 axles $25 each
Good used tapered axles $10 each

Set of rocker arm shafts with rockers and stands. Rockers reground tips, shafts cleaned internally and replated. $90

Set of 1.76 Ford rockers on Stude shaft with stands. $200

Set of roller rockers, 1.5 ratio $600

Set of stock rockers with reground tips $50

Reground V8 cam $100

Used 289 crank standard $150

Used 289 crank .010" rods and mains $120

Used 259 crank standard $40

Moroso front drag tires (bought for Chicken Hawk and not put on before accident) Part #DS-2 17028 Paid Summit $318.80 with handling for the pair. Will take $260 for the pair.

RJS five point harness taken off the Chicken Hawk before accident. They are out of date for NHRA. Gave $71.90 for new ones. Like new, blue $25.

NOS V8 valves. Set of 16 $75

Good used V8 rods. Set of 8 $50

Bell housings Auto (Flightomatic and Power shift) & stick both early and late V8 $50 each

WCFB intake $50

Avanti NOS overlay part #1350854x1 $90

Blue front floor mat. Was in Chicken Hawk on passnger side, like new from SI #800093. $20

Avanti windsheild wiper motor and foot pump washer $300

4.27 and 4.55 Dana 44 ring & pinions $100 each

Lark & Hawk supercharger pulleys, 4.75", 5.25" & 5.75". Choice $90

T-86 with overdrive for '51-'57 V8. $125

T-86 without overdrive for '51-'57 V8 $100

T-10 four speed (don't know condition) Have a GM bolt pattern and a Stude. $300 choice.

AMC/Ford/Mopar/Stude wheels 6 1/2" wide $25 pair

Chicken Hawk posters. $2 each or two for $3

Several decals free to kids

If you are interested in any of the above email me or if you think I might have something not listed, email me and I'll let you know.

07-07-2009, 10:53 PM
Ted this is the wheel.



Chicken Hawk
07-08-2009, 12:03 PM
Sent you a picture of the outside of the wheel. Do you need a picture of the inside?


quote:Originally posted by nibbs53

Ted this is the wheel.



07-08-2009, 12:39 PM
Ted. No.Sent e-mail.