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Jeff T.
07-06-2009, 04:55 PM
[edited on July 7, 2009 after seeing Ted Harbit's FS list:)]

Thought I would give the forum members first crack before posting on the Studebaker swap page, which we all look at often:) Some pieces to projects that I’ll not get to in the foreseeable future, since I will at Cedar Rapids this year I can pack the parts in the trunk for delivery if anyone is interested…

289 Crankshaft with short snout, casting #537424. Crank was machined by a local machine shop down 10/10 on the main and rod journals and then oiled and wrapped up since I brought it home after machining. Make offer:)

R cam regrind with lifters. Bought it at the Omaha meet from Fairborn Studebaker back in ‘06 and has been sitting in storage ever since. $200.00/offer? for cam and lifters

259 crank, part # 1558011. I think I got this from Wisconsin Studebaker, had a local machine shop check it out for me for trueness and it is standard on the bearing journals. Make offer:)

Email me at home if interested.

Jeff T.

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