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07-04-2009, 09:21 PM
The Potomac Chapter observed Drive Your Studebaker Day by driving our Studebakers to America's First Spa, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. One group met at Winchester, VA and headed north on US Highway 522 with six Studebakers in caravan. Forum members included 55prez (Bob Johnstone) in his '64 GT, winchesterhawks (name escapes me) in his '61 Hawk, and yours truly in our '64 Daytona convertible. Others included the Merhauts in their '62 convertible, Paul Thrush in his air conditioned 3R-5 truck, Torrey Kirby in his '63 diesel Lark and Eric Kirk in his all original 12,000-mile '41 Commander (he didn't make the entire trip due to health problems, but al least he drove his Studebaker). A few miles north of Winchester an old car pulled out of a gas station in front of me. I passed him as did the rest of the group. However, he caught up and kept up with us as we drove north on beautiful Highway 522.

Would you believe it was a 1928 Studebaker Big Six (354 cubic inches) four-door?


Here's the body tag for Biggsie:

My wife and I tried rear-view mirror shots of the caravan with so-so success.


Torrey's diesel wasn't running quite right and on harder pulls he was really smoking the cars behind him. Ask Bob Johnstone about his "rust proofing".
When we got to Berkeley Springs the north group was already there. After a little confusion we all got together and arranged the 17 Studebakers in a bank parking lot across from the nation's smallest state park, Berkeley Springs State Park. We were in a busy part of town and we attracted [u]A LOT</u> of attention with many people reminiscing about Studebakers in their pasts (no Ford 289 stories either).
Several of the Studebakers and a number of the spectators came because of the nice article our Chapter President, Bob Devore, placed in the Martinsburg Journal- see my post from last Friday- http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=30634


After a great lunch at Tari's Restaurant (world class with down home prices) and some antiquing in the many shops, a little after 3pm (edst) we broke up with most of the north group leaving independently and the south group caravanning back to Winchester. I opted to take a shorter route and didn't caravan. WV Highway 9 between Berkeley Springs and Martinsburg is a notoriously bad road, but we weathered the worst part ok. Just before we got to where the road improved, cruising in cool comfort, we suddenly heard a metallic sound. I immediately turned off highway and pulled over. Sure 'nuff, my rear exhaust hanger had broken and we were dragging a tailpipe. How's that for inventing a new breakdown? I had tools, hoses, belts, etc., but no wire (mental note- carry bailing wire). My wife noticed an old barbed wire fence across the road with a strand hanging loose. So, with the wire cutters I had along, I waded through the waist high weeds and snipped about two feet off the strand. I put the old bed spread I carried for such emergencies on the ground and crawled under the back end.

Chris Pile
07-04-2009, 09:49 PM
Nice turnout of Studebakers!

Chris Pile
Editor: The Studebaker Special

07-06-2009, 12:26 PM
Had a great time and met some new stude folks.