View Full Version : 50 Starlight 2 door for sale

07-01-2009, 01:34 AM
anybody on the West Coast want a "long sleeping" '50 Starlight?

almost rust free - complete - straight body -no motor- trans

- was set up for a Chevy -but never installed

one side vent welded up and the other side vent not molested-

American Mags (with new 1999? tires) -been stuffed away for 8 years - inside storage -


$5,400* (* before it's all cleaned up and grille, bumpers, headlights etc re-installed
and put on ebay )
--easy restore no major rust repair no parts chasing
also a 47 Stude business coupe - zero rust- complete -engine turns over - might run $3,400

located in Sacramento CA

John 916-764-0700

(note to "Mr Ute" in Washington? it's time you did a bullet nose)