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12-21-2006, 04:25 PM
Hi everyone! Land Cruiser is really running fine. I drove it about 150 miles yesterday, what a thrill. Now next spring I want to start the frame off restore and I once found an article that spelled out the steps in removing the body from the chassis. I thought I had book marked it but I can't find it. Has anybody seen it and do you have a copy or know the link?? Thanks in Advance.

12-21-2006, 10:17 PM
I posted this last Sept 25th on the STT foum and was reminded of that fateful day when I read your post. Here's how not to remove the body from the chasis......

So here we are, the rest of us, sitting around reading the foum while all those other folks are having way too much fun on the road to Omaha . BTW those pictures of the regional meet in Sheridan are pretty cool.

To keep myself busy at home, I've been hauling more parts to the painter. He's had my fenders since early July so I visit them about once a week. Also, after 2 1/2 years, my cab is finally off the frame. There was a bit of drama in the separation. I sent a note to Gary Ash yesterday morning describing this action......

"....After I took the doors and front sheet metal to the painter yesterday (Firday), I came home and took the cab off the truck. The back edge of the cab was balanced on the top of the rear tires and I was tipping it to lay it down on the back part of the frame. Without any warning, the left cab corner slipped off the tire and the whole thing kinda' got away from me. Didnít do hardly any damage when the cab rolled to the left, and careened off the frame and onto the garage floor. Thank goodness Caroline's car wasn't there. As it went over, the rusty left cab corner was momentarily impaled on the tip of running board bracket. That little crunch repositioned front edge of the (cab) corner and the valance (under the door opening). Then the whole thing hit the concrete and rolled onto it's top. Dust was everywhere accompanied by a big crashing sound.... I thought I was gonna die!!! No real damage except for a few paint scrapes and one easy to fix quarter size dent on the cowl."

After getting the cab onto a dollie, I took inventory of the damage. The rusty cab corner was the only victim and it has to come out anyway. The door valance is the only part of the whole truck with any significant bondo. It may have to be replaced too but not because of the crash. And it has to come out anyway to get the bondo out. I consider myself lucky and a little foolish for attempting to do the job alone. Gary wrote back and thought so too. When my wife heard the story, she was markedly less empathetic than Gary was......