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I was watching that old show "My Three Sons", last night. It was the episode where the father, Steven Douglas, buys his son, Chip, a car for his birthday. I couldn't tell what kind of car it was, but it looked like it had a round radiator emblem. That same tv station replays the same episode early the next morning. I watched again this morning. Armed with my Stude books, it looks like it could be a Studebaker. All the cars of the 1920's look alike to me, but it matched with a picture of a 1922ish Light Six 2 seat Coupe. I realize that it probably isn't, .......but just maybe....[8)] Anybody else familiar with this episode?

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I had already looked thru that thread. I saw nothing about it and didn't want to add to it because I'm not even sure that it is a Studebaker. That's what I'm trying to find out.

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I remember the episode more than I do the car.If we are on the same page here,this is the car that Chip parks blocks away from school out of embarassment.It is only later that his friend(s) like the car with the "chrome bud vases".It's a 'tin lizzy' type of vehicle,but when that episode first aired, I was a wee one in my jammies so I was in no position to I.D. the car.I do know that the Douglas' daily drivers were GM products...Maybe a Chevy???I don't know.....[8)]

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I do know that the Douglas' daily drivers were GM products...Maybe a Chevy???I don't know.....[8)]

In the later years anyway, they were Pontiacs, IIRC.

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Yeah, this episode was made in early 1969, and all the vehicles are Pontiacs. I'd like to think that being as Pontiac paid to have their cars used, they wouldn't use a competitor's antique in the show. But by '69 Studebaker was no longer a competitor........[xx(]

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That'd be Episode 112- Chip on Wheels

Steve gives Chip a well-preserved second-hand car for his birthday but is astounded by his son's unenthusiastic reaction.

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Sota,kinda,on these same lines what was the car the dad on "Leave It To Beaver" drove? It had the faux tire on the top of the decklid. Im pretty sure its a chrysler product but can anyone be more specific? Thanks,Steve

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When Leave it to Beaver started in 1957, Ward had a 1957 Ford Custom 300. First Plymouth was a 1959 Plymouth Fury Sedan. Ward stayed with Furies untill show closed in 1963. Wally had a beat up 1953 Chevy convertible.

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More recent than either of these shows, but Mr Cunningham, near the end of the run of "Happy Days" in the early 80s, replaced his trusty late-40s DeSoto sedan with a bright orange Studebaker Lark 4dr. Fonzie comes by while Mr C is washing the car in the driveway and asks about it:

Mr C: Well, after all those years of driving a huge DeSoto, I just thought it was time for something a little sportier.

Fonzie: So what happened? (chuckles to himself)

Mr C shoots Fonzie one of the best looks of utter disgust I've ever seen. Very funny...

Used to see both "My Three Sons" and "Leave It To Beaver" in rerun form here when I was a kid; I clearly remember the reference in the credits for the latter to Chrysler Corp supplying the show's cars...


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Even better that Beaver & My Three Sons was Whirlybirds!
The pilots drove a great 57 or 58 Chrysler product...it had one headlamp in each side.
I really don't know if it was a Dodge, Plymouth or DeSoto.

Now helicopters (Bell 47G and J) and old cars, what a great combination!

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