View Full Version : 1950 Studebaker throttle linkage

04-13-2009, 09:17 PM
When I compared plate 03-5 accelerator and throttle controls with the linkage on my 50 Champion I found that an extra bit of linkage had been added between the short rod that hooks to the back of the gas pedal and the "S" shaped rod that runs through the bracket which holds the overdrive kickdown switch. The added piece extended the linkage such that the gas pedal sat about right from the firewall inside the car. Without the extension, even with the pedal on the floor, the rod would not reach from the pedal to the "S" shaped piece.
It appeared that maybe all that was needed was for the "S" shaped piece to be "adjusted/bent." I took it to the vise and "adjusted/bent" it a little and it appears to be just right now. Since the vice didn't allow the top part that hooks to the next part of the linkage to change positions, nor did it affect the piece of metal that pushes the kickdown switch, I think it is back where it was when new.

It was very easy to twist into what appears to be the original position making me think that it had twisted out of shape early on and the simple fix was to add the short piece of linkage to make up the difference. Now, I am wondering if it will twist back out of shape since it was so easy to bend.

Has anyone else dealt with this situation.

Orleans, Indiana