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12-14-2006, 10:14 PM
Every car has a story and this 79 F150 XCab 4x2 is no different.

First the story......
4 years ago I borrowed my girl friends fathers truck to move my junk into her house.....then I borrowed it several times over the next few months buying this or that or delivering this or that. After awhile he just said, you use it more than I ever did, just keep it, I tried several times to return it but he declined each time. And although I tried several times to pay for it he wouldnt let me. So in retalliation I gave my girlfriends son a firebird I was selling. Didnt help her dad, but in a way it made me feel better.
Over the course of the last few years the rust got a litte worse and the kids got ALOT bigger, and the old truck was retired to 3rd car duty, as a new Suburban became standard transportation. Last year I put less than 5k miles on it, and when the inspection/tags ran out she got parked for good.
Again I tried to give the truck back and again he said he didnt want it back. I asked him what I should do with it. His response, sell it, I agreed but he refuses to agree to accept any of the proceeds.
Heres my plan, as he has helped us out many many times, and never once would accept a dime. I have decided to give him one thing he has always wanted......
He has a 55 Studebaker coupe that he always wanted to fix up and never had the time, not sure on the $$$, he probably has had it, but other things were higher on the priority list. Although I know I wont get enough out of the old Ford to finish it, I can atleast get started on it, Im handy with tools being a mechanic/technician for as long as I can remember. And I can wheel and deal to get some stuff.
So if anyones intrested in a 2 owner(1 family) owned F150 Super Cab 2 wheel drive truck let me know. Im asking $1500, it has over 100k miles, 302/C4 and 9"rear. It has rust in the bed around the wheel wells, and some minute spots inside the bed, it has rust on the cab corners, and atleast 1 cab mount, and the left rear shock mount is missing. BUT the front clip is super nice. It runs excellent and I would not be afraid to drive it anywhere. Its water pump started to make some noise and there is a new one in the back seat. The front tires are wearing on the inside and there is a noise from the front when you go over bumps. IT was originally maroon but has faded to a brown color, has saddle interior, PS, PB, AM radio, and a floor mat only. Will also consider 55 Stude parts as trade but will have to take inventory on what he needs first! May consider a driveable studebaker(I know thats a stretch) to add to his collection. Truck is located in Waynesboro, PA 17268 717-749-3902.

hmmm, my girlfriend has 2 GT Hawks....and I feel left out, wheres my "R" model Daytona????