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03-28-2009, 04:42 PM
I have uploaded copies of all the Dealer invoices, and Bills-of-lading (shipper).. for all of the Studebakers that were sold at Kinney (that I have records for). If you have a 60-63 Stude that was found in a couple hundred-mile radius of SE Ohio... I may just have the original documents.
They are listed by SERIAL#.. so it'll be easy to find if it's there. They are also pretty interesting to read the dealer's notes, trade-ins, etc... that were part of the "deal".

All these documents pertain to particular cars... they will have the serial numbers on the document.


I also have the Transit receipts for many of these cars (see generic versions in my other post).. I'll get around to scanning and posting them as time allows. (It's a dreary-rainy day today... that's why I'm inside messin with this stuff...:))


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