View Full Version : Mark's Motors Portland, Ore history.

01-28-2009, 10:41 PM
George here . Here is the history of any of you guys out there that their Studebaker was purchased new there at the Mark's Motors Studebaker Dealership in Portland. Oregon.

Marks motors became a Studebaker dealer on June 1, 1949 lasted until January 16, 1961 then renewed on January 16, 1961 and was terminated on September 5, 1967.

Directors of dealership. Howard R. Marks 6/1/49 to 1/16/61
Florence A. Marks and Robert H. Marks Partners 1/16/61 to the termination on 9/5/67

Marks motors moved from Portland to Gladstone, Oregon. Address in Portland was 1706 E. Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon.
Western Region Studebaker dealer code number # 0835-70-70

If you guys need any info about a Studebaker Dealership in Oregon just let me know. As I mentioned my 1957 Silver Hawk was bought new at Mark's Motors in July 1957. Thanks George[8D]