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Steve T
01-20-2009, 10:03 PM
This event caught my imagination right away; a couple ideas have come to mind, and since several other Hamilton area Studefolk are on the forum here I think I'll float 'em for feedback...

1. This'd be very easy: An impromptu "muster" and photo shoot of Studebakers at the site of the old Stude plant, followed by a cruise somewhere (maybe the Flamboro Downs Saturday cruise, if that's still running this year?)...we needn't be at the plant more than a few minutes, and it would be really neat to get pix of a row of Studes "at home" on Drive Your Stude Day.

2. 2009 is the centennial of powered flight in Canada. One of the celebratory events is an airshow at CFB Trenton, which happens to fall on the weekend of July 4/5. One of the participating airplanes will be Mike Potter/Vintage Wings of Canada's gorgeous Sabre painted in RCAF Golden Hawks markings. Could we scare up some Golden Hawks of the four-wheeled variety too...? (Incidentally, the GH car was already out of production by the time the GH jet team flew its first airshow. I wonder, did the car inspire the team's name?)

I have a specific reason for thinking of the Trenton link: it would provide a pretext for me to drive my Lark through the part of Ontario where she spent her first 40 years, and visit the town (Campbellford) where she was sold new in spring 1962. Trenton is in the same vicinity, and how much more right could the timing be...

Over to others...I'm really looking forward to this season!


01-21-2009, 09:16 PM
We are going to cruise down the Niagara Parkway right through Niagara Falls and by the American Falls and the Canadian Falls in front of the World's tourist , what better way to show off our Studebakers , there are thousands of tourists there that time of year .:D
Anyone from the NY area wanting to cruise with us just get ahold of us and we'll keep you informed when more planning is finalized.

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Steve T
01-21-2009, 10:15 PM
...or I could cruise down the Niagara Parkway!:)

Bob--are there already specific Studefolk who are planning on this? Niagara Falls on the Glorious Fourth sounds perfect. Lark willing, you could probably count me in too...we could do a small "muster" at the plant any time, really, and the Campbellford trip would've been a solo thing anyway, unless anyone else has a Stude that came from Adams Motors! (I just hope Betty starts the '09 season the way she ended '08...reliable as the dawn.)

Keep us posted as the idea develops...

C'mon spring...


03-02-2009, 10:35 PM
I like both ideas. Let's bring it up at a meeting and make it part of our scheduled events for the summer. Now just to figure out what car to drive?

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