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01-02-2009, 03:53 PM
I spent a few hours at the 1-2-09 KRUSE auction in Boca Raton. It looked to me to be not as well attended as I would have expected although that might be due to there being a competing auction thatís of much longer standing in Ft. Lauderdale the same days. There are only so many collector car fans and splitting them doesnít make a lot of sense.

I thought prices seemed lower but not as low as I would have thought. There were all kinds of SS, GTO and Roadrunner clones and some of them were remarkably well done and bringing decent money. I didnít document many cars as my interests are Corvettes and Studebakers, forgive me.

--1951 Studebaker champion Automatic Starlight coupe, the only Studebaker there had painted fender welting, horrid old cracked and dirty tires but was otherwise a pretty good car Bid to $17K, owner wouldnít drop reserve saying he had a buyer who had offered $21K. If true I think well sold @ 21K
--72 Corvette conv. With air and matching numbers sold at $23K
--2007 Vette Indi-500 conv. With 35 miles on it sold @ $42.5K (Leftover from 07???) originally a $71K sticker car.
--1964 Conv. With bad body gaps , claimed original but had a 327 NOM with Hooker headers and such. Good paint, resale red. Sold at $34,250
--77 Corvette T-Top with an awkward tri-color paint job far to personal to be attractive no sale bid to $13,500
--1965 blue Vette Coupe, matching #s, great body gaps, lousy black accent paint on side pipe covers (looked like a 5 yr old did it.)Very good driver sold at $43, 250
--1976 red vette T-Top nice, matching #s air-auto no sell bid to $11K

All in all a fun day in the sun looking at old cars and young women.



01-02-2009, 04:34 PM
I don't know how to take your comment about "painted fender welting". I don't know if you are stating that as a positive or a negative, but in context, it appeared to be a negative. A 1951 Studebaker SHOULD HAVE painted rear fender welt (with a possible exception of a black car).

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01-02-2009, 06:58 PM
Well Gary, I stand corrected. It was painted only on the rear fenders and I (and others) took it has a lack of care when painting. Thanks for the correction.

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