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Steve T
11-08-2008, 12:27 AM
...I couldn't resist taking Betty the Lark out for photos at a few suitably nostalgic locations. She went into the barn this past Wednesday evening. I even took pix of that:D...For now, though, here are three from the end of October:

I've shown Paton Motors here before, but the light was so stunning on this day I had to reshoot the Lark there. This little 30s garage a few blocks south of my house looks like it ought to host classics, and it does, courtesy owner Neal Scobie, who enjoys working on the old stuff (he campaigns a lovely '51 Pontiac Chieftain straight-eight during the cruise season himself).

Here's the Lark at Easterbrooks hotdog stand in Aldershot, built 1932 and scarcely changed since the fifties. The footlongs are great (I had one a few minutes after taking this pic of the Lark); the wooden booths are etched with decades of sweethearts' initials; the walls--and much of the ceiling, too--are coated with hundreds of business cards. There have been movie shoots here, and the occasional cruise too.

Stopping for a hotdog meant the sun was setting by the time I got to Precision Tire in west Burlington (near Mapleview Mall where the huge Lions Club cruises are). This tire shop, 25 years earlier, was a 50s themed diner called Studeburgers, ornamented up top with a bulletnose Starlight coupe (well, the cobbled-up remains of one, anyway). Sadly I never got a pic of the place, and no one else seems to have either! When it was a diner, it was reputed to have been a former Studebaker dealership. Not sure about that; I rather think it was not, but I don't doubt from its looks that the building was a car dealership of some sort...

Hope these are enjoyable. I certainly had fun driving round getting these shots (and more)...though it was bittersweet, knowing it was one of my last drives in the Lark till spring.



11-08-2008, 12:51 AM
Thanks for sharing Steve... right now I'm envious of your weather as we are getting rain by the barrel full at the moment here on the "wet" coast. :D
However, that feeling will disappear when the thermometer drops in your home territory and all that white stuff starts piling up! [}:)];)

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Steve T
11-08-2008, 01:08 AM

Envy no more...these pix are from over a week ago...tonight it's foggy and drizzling here, supposed to rain all weekend. (My roof has decided to commence leaking again. House, that is, not Lark. Going to get it resurfaced in steel this time. Expensive prospect...but I have no intention of parting with the Lark on that account...yet.)

And as to snow...supposed to be colder, but not as snowy, as last year was. I'd take that tradeoff. Time will tell.


11-09-2008, 06:46 PM
Great pictures. I like seeing old buildings, and of course, Studebakers!

Leonard Shepherd


11-09-2008, 07:30 PM
Great pictures, thanks for sharing them.

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