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11-15-2006, 08:14 AM
Work continues on my 1963 Champ Pickup conversion to a 700R4 automatic transmission. Because of my prosthetic left leg, thing go slowly.

I am using a Studebaker automatic gear shift steering column. The old Flight-o-matic indicator needs to be replaced with one that will show the overdrive and other gears. I need an indicator that will fit the old chrome frame. I've checked with Bowtie Overdrives, they come close but still no cigar. Any suggestions, ideas, etc?

Also, I recall at the Spokane International Meet, someone was selling brackets to mount an alternator in place of the generator. Can't remember who. Any help in getting in touch with that vendor?

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11-15-2006, 10:59 AM
IDIDIT Street Rod parts store in Tecumseh, Mi. might have something you could mount in place of your original, with out haveing to change out your "PNDLR" indicator. Flaming River is another maker and vendor of colums and components. I'm sure you can find both online. The "PRNDL" is sold separate.If you can't find them, email me and I'll look in one my rod mags. It'll only entail drilling 2 mounting holes for the "PRNDL". You can use an alternator mount from a 63/64 Baker V8, and elongate the bracket mounting holes to line up pullies. You'll also have to cut and fit a piece of tubing for this mount, as the alt. tabs on the GM alt are closer together. The Prestolite tabs mount outside the bracket, GM will mount inside or one tab out and one tab in. Now that's for a Studebaker engine.
For the sbc there are countless vendors for alt., A/C compressor mounts, and power steering pumps. I've used "Bob Grove" brackets, not a complicated serptine system but a simple easy to install v-belt system.
With either engine, I'd use a one wire alternator and run it through a volt meter, VM goes inline in the 10 gauge wire from the selinoid to Ign.not an amp gauge or light.
I may have misinterpreted your engine application,so I hope there's enough info to cover both applications and help you to achieve a positive conclusion. I hope your keeping the Stude 8.
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11-15-2006, 11:29 AM
I recall reading here, or on the NG that an early (late 60’s, early 70’s I think) AMC/ Jeep Wagoneer dial, and quadrant will fit the later Stude auto column.The dial does need to be changed, but the quadrant is a safety issue, and must be changed to match the trans pattern. The quadrant is the thingy that engages the shift lever, and is the piece that makes one have to lift the lever to get into reverse, in and out of park, and to a lesser extant gives some “feel” to the difference between D & L. In fact, I have commandeered such a set up form a junk yard, but have yet to install it. I can tell you for a fact that the PNRDL dial face from the jeep fits into the Stude chrome retainer, and said retainer is the same. The little metal quadrant thing I do not know about, yet. The column I have is a NOS Saginaw box from a later Lark, and the mast is from same, only used. I intended to use this in a 200r4 conversion, but now that the FOM is working so well....no hurries.

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11-15-2006, 11:31 AM
Cut a clear piece of plastic to fit the indicator housing and ingrave it to match your shift pattern. You will have to play with angles, lengths of lickage, and bell crank to make it work.

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11-15-2006, 04:53 PM
Another make to look at is International Harvester...late 70's, on their Scouts, Pick-um-ups, and the Travelalls. Hope this helps, :)
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