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I am involved with the boy scouts and went with my troop to summer camp for a week when I returned my wife found and bought a beautiful 1926 standard six coach for me. Yes, my wife is a keeper. It came with an owner's manual but it lists no capacities, fuse sizes or fluid types other than coolant. I would like to change oil etc. but want to use the correct types. I know oil types have been discussed frequently in turning wheels and there are many different opinions. I have a 1952 2R-6 pickup and I use straight mineral oil in the trans and straight SAE 30 in the engine and have no problems with it. I am planning on purchasing a shop manual for the car but haven't yet. Can anyone steer me in the right direction or tell me where I can find a little more info regarding this?



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Deepnhock said it all!
Yes, your wife definitely IS a keeper.
Those of us who have spouses who support our craziness are truly lucky.

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The service manual doesn't list capacities either, believe it or not. Coolant is 17 qts, engine is 8 qts, gas tank about 12 gallons. Trans and diff - just fill them until oil flows out filler hole with a good grade mineral oil(90 wt). Multi grade oil is ok for the engine, but I would probably go with 15/40 or 20/50 wt. Oil pressure should be about 25 psi at 25 mph. Does your car have wood spoke wheels or disc wheels? If wood spoke, it will be rear wheel brakes only. If disc, you may have Studes first attempt at power brakes. They take a little getting used to. With power brakes the trans takes engine oil only - single grade non detergent.
Kudos to your wife!!

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Thanks for the info. That should get me started. It does have wood spoke wheels and manual brakes on the rear only. Stopping is an adventure if you don't anticipate far enough in advance. I am a member of SDC and will be joining Antique Studebaker Club.