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Chris Collins
08-13-2006, 03:33 PM
Took the Avanti for a test drive yesterday and noticed the fuel pump has started making a noise. I’d describe it as more of a “rattle” sound than a deep “knock”. Dan Miller and I listened with his stethoscope and we are confident the pump is the source of the noise, as the other engine-driven accessories are quiet.

Dave T. rebuilt the pump for me about 3 years ago, but the engine has not been run much since. I will call Dave to see what he thinks, but also would appreciate the group’s thoughts on the cause and solution to this noise. I’ve replaced the pump a few times over the years because of the usual diaphragm failure / fuel in crankcase routine, but never had a noise issue. The engine has only about 73, 000 miles; we’d hope that the fuel pump actuator at the timing gear / cam would not be the culprit.

Thanks as always, Chris Collins

Chris Collins
63 Avanti R-2
66 Cruiser

08-13-2006, 03:37 PM
It's not unuusual to hear a Avanti pump as it strokes, not a problem most of the time.

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08-13-2006, 08:40 PM
I get a light knock from mine, which is a Ted Harbit conversion, especially when the engine is cold and at rpm's under 2000.
Tim K.

Tim K.
'64 R2 GT Hawk

Chris Collins
08-21-2006, 12:16 PM
Per Dave T.'s suggestion, we pulled off the fuel pump, installed a blocking plate and ran the engine to confirm that the pump was the source of noise. Comparing the pump from the car to my "old" core I had saved, may not have had the right pump on the car:

1. Pump that was on the car. Stamped CARbureTer 0-1529, and "2" on other side. Near the mounting flange to the block are stamped "4464S" and "L-6".

2. Old core, was on the car until # 1 was rebuilt & installed about 3 years ago.. Near mounting flange to block are "3508S" and "J 2-2".

Other markings the same. I understand that 3508S is the right # for an R-2 car, so sounds like that is the one to rebuild and install. Curious if anyone knows what 4464S would have gone to? Both carbs have the fuel return port and look visually identical otherwise. The 3508S has much less travel when you move the arm and sounds less "tinny" when you do so; of course it is not clean inside so may not be a relevant comparison.

Any ideas? Thanks folks...

Chris Collins
63 Avanti R-2
66 Cruiser