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05-02-2008, 11:25 PM
Saw an ad for a '64 Cruiser at auction in about a month about 70 miles from me. Seller claims it has a 283 3spd with OD and says that's what engine Studebaker put in the Cruiser until the end in '66. I asked for pictures and it looks like a '64 Cruiser to me with the wide brightwork across the trunk rear so I'm not going to argue the particular engine with them at this time.

My question now is..In the picture of the dash on driver's side, I see the pedals for a manual shift car and the gear indicator is absent on the column so it is a manual shift car ...BUT...I don't see any handle to pull on the left side under the dash for the OD. Am I looking in the wrong place for it on a '64 Cruiser or how do I tell without crawling underneath if it really has an OD in it[?]


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Jessie J.
05-03-2008, 01:05 AM
If it is really a '64 then the 283 is a "transplant", and no telling what other "changes" may have been introduced to ease the conversion.
Regardless of the year, the o/d pull handle "should" be located low on the left side of the steering colume, near the red hood release handle, It is chrome plated and sometimes tends to "dissapear" in photographs
Of course after all this time, several possibilities exist, perhaps it is a '65 that someone swapped on the '64 deck lid or trim.
You need to ask the seller a few more questions, the vin # ought to asscertain the year, unless it has also has been swapped. Is it still attached to the door pillar with the original spot-welds? Rivits or screws might be a indication of a rebuild using various years of components.
Don't know if you have engine compartment pictures, but the o/d kick-down switch is quite easily spotted at its position at the left rear of the throttle linkage.

05-03-2008, 08:55 AM
Thanks for the location.

I knew that a '64 should have a 289 so I had already asked a couple of days ago for the engine serial or the vehicle vin to try to confrim if he was wrong on the engine or that maybe it was a'65 Cruiser. Got no response at all. Then I asked via a different e-mail account (first from home & second from work) for pictures and I got 3 from the outside and one looking in on an opened driver's door. There is something that looks like a shadow of the hood release so maybe the OD handle is there after all. It just looks too close to the hood release so I thought of the shadow.

Car is a black cruiser, miles unknown, in need of a "Lark shine" wih red "leather [?]" interior that doesn't look too worn or faded. Dash appears in good shape. Instead of the full wheel covers I'm used to seeing on a Cruiser it has 4 dog dish ones that look like they came off of a early 50's Chebby or something. Car runs but supposedly has been off the road for about 10 years. Maybe I'll find a sleeper that will clean up real well :D

'57 3E6-12 Transtar Deluxe
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