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04-27-2008, 10:07 PM
Went today to look at 64 Marshall today. Not as good as I had hoped and definitely needs a restoration. Was originally an R1 Marshall but the engine has been changed at some point. Original is still available but don't know what was wrong that it got replaced, or what shape it's in now as it wasn't stored at the same location as the car. Replacement engine must be a factory replacement engine or at least a replacement block. Could not find any serial number on it but had something resembling an 8 at the right hand side of the serial number area. Saw the pink copy of the actual build sheet, not a repo from the Museum.:D Belongs to the daughter of the original owner who bought it new. The daughter remembers taking her driver's test in it shortly after that and driving it to High School.

Very solid car without rust issues. Odometer shows 83,000+ and when I said something about if that was true, daughter didn't know for sure but said it could be 183,000. Body and what's left of interior (carpet and back seat removed to start restoration and zipper missing from the headliner) doesn't look like 183,000 unless it was on the road constantly back then. Has been sitting in a garage and hasn't been started in 8 or 9 years.

I want it and could have closed the deal today but I have no place right now to store it out of the weather. :( Will keep working to sort that problem out! :)

Tonight I re-read the March 2006 article in TW from Fred Fox about the Police Cars. Couldn't find a definitive answer if all of the Marshalls came with the sway bars or not. The build sheet doesn't mention any and I didn't think to get down under there to look while I was at it. Anybody know what was standard on the suspensions?

Oh....Almost forgot....It needs a "Lark Shine pat pend." but paint is excellent otherwise and original.


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04-27-2008, 10:25 PM
That 8 is most likely a clover. They were commonly used on replacement motors. Get the original engine, matching numbers do matter in dealing with a restored R series car. Sounds like you have a get find. Good luck

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