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01-13-2019, 02:01 AM
Hi All,

A little public service announcement here.

If any of you have commercial shops where you do a lot of media blasting outside - like seriously rusted chassis, large drivetrain components, etc. - and you are looking for a more powerful compressor, you might check out the compressor linked below at Government planet. It's powered by a 3-cyliner diesel engine and has a 125 CFM capacity.

You and I paid over $9,500 for it on behalf of the US Air Force. It's now got 2,474 hours of run time on it and I guess they've decided that it isn't pretty enough anymore, and probably got new ones this year that cost twice as much. It's being auctioned off on the 16th at 9:25 to 9:30 PST and the starting bid is $500.

There are 29 folks watching the sale but nobody has submitted any bids yet. What sometimes happens with these is a few folks will remember to tune in on time to bid and the rest will forget or get too busy during their day to pay attention. There are two of these up for bid on the site. Each needs a little work to get them operational (The engines and radiators have to be drained of all fluids before they can be turned in.), but, compared to what it takes to get some of these Studes up and running, these should be a breeze. If interested, get cracking - you've got to do some preperatory work to get registered as a bidder or you can't bid.

Personal note: I've bought surplus military items at government auctions for years. If one pays attention, one can land some really great deals. I once purchased a huge German-made drafting table that had an original list sale price of DM 10,000 for $50. I later sold it to a graphic artist for $350. I've bought mechanics tools, tool boxes, automotive repair equipment, office chairs and desks, filing cabinets - you name it. Right now, the starting bid is $5 on brand-new still-in-the-crate aluminum-framed 15' by 14' military shelters (tents) that originally cost you and I about $4K each.Those are waiting to be auctioned on the 15th at 1:00 pm in North Las Vegas. They also have larger models that are 18' by 25', also new and also with a starting bid of $5, being auctioned that day. Now, if you have a Stude that you're keeping outside in the weather, 'cuz you have noplace to put it in your garage, and you've got a patch of unused yard space, these would be perfect. Once installed with their floors and battened down properly, they'll keep out the worst of weather and the underside of your car won't suffer from all that moisture evaporating out of the soil beneath it that then condenses to water on the cold steel above.

If you're snoozin' you're losin' if you aren't paying attention to the stuff we paid for that Uncle Sam sells back to us for pennies on the dollar. Check it out.


01-13-2019, 09:55 AM
Thanks for posting. Part of their auction items are located in North Las Vegas, so I keep my eye on them.

01-13-2019, 03:14 PM
Lots of interesting military surplus, but most is too far from me. I don't understand how that site is set up. There are links to collectible vehicles. I found a 64 Champ truck listed in Arkansas.

01-13-2019, 04:51 PM
It looks like it is Ironplanet, with a few branches that include govplanet, Ritchie Bros, and a few others. There are some interesting goverment surplus items, with low starting bids. I registered to bid today. I'm looking for a 3.9 cummins, and hope one might pop up sometime.

01-13-2019, 11:30 PM
Check your PMs.

01-16-2019, 04:09 PM
Thanks for the heads up.
As it turns out I was already registered but alas my bid fell rather short. Someone wanted it badly for $2450! Oh well I'll keep looking for another as one sold in December for around $600.00..
Cheers, Bill
PS: It would have made my trip back to BC somewhat slower as they state those are only supposed to be towed at 45 mph(definitely not my normal driving speed).