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12-22-2018, 07:23 PM
Working on a '51 2R5 truck.
Question #1: On the pictured generator, which lug is the Armature, and which is the Field? The lower lug us larger diameter than the upper.
Question #2: On the pictured regulator, are the terminals (left to right) Armature, Field, Battery(ammeter)?
Thanks, in advance for your help.

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12-23-2018, 06:11 AM
On your generator, the fillister screw is ground, the lower lug is armature, and the upper is field. On your regulator, memory is failing just this moment, but you will find that the lugs are stamped underneath the wire clamps.

Frank DuVal
12-26-2018, 10:28 PM
If that is a Standard VR2, then it is Arm, Fld, Bat from left to right.

See Rockauto for picture to see where the writing is that Ross refers to:


It is stamped right on the terminal below the screws.

Yes, on generators with unequal sized terminal screws, the smaller diameter one is field, the larger diameter one is Armature.