View Full Version : Transmission: Avanti floor shifter

11-23-2018, 03:36 PM
Looking for a complete assy. Or switch assy also rod from shifter to trans. for a 63 hawk

11-23-2018, 05:31 PM
There were 3 shifters: 3 spd, 4 speed, automatic in the Avanti. You may want to check in the parts book to be sure what you need and don't need to put it into a Hawk..

11-23-2018, 08:19 PM
The shifter assembly is the same for the Avanti and Hawk floor shift automatics. The difference is in the fiberglass trans tunnel extension used in the Hawk.
I'd bet we're talking about the automatic. Any other would be more specific in the description.
The only question is whether you're planning to use it for the flight o matic. That shift pattern is different. Floor shifter=PRNDL while flight o matic on the column is PNDLR.

11-24-2018, 03:25 PM
It's a PowerShift out of a 64 hawk, the shifter assy.is okay.the switch assy is shot along with the rod to the trans total rust beyond repair. S/I has some of the parts. I may have to make the rod that goes to the transmission from the shifter. but I'd like to find one complete. Studebaker International has the rod listed for the Avanti and a lark no listing for Hawk does any know anybody know of either would fit. Even with some minor adjustments if it's too long that's okay you can make it shorter if it needs a different bend that's okay I can bend stuff.

11-24-2018, 04:48 PM
Pictured Left is a 2 bbl choke rod. It is one size larger than the back up switch rod. A inside door remote rod is close to the size. Both are adaptable.

Note the switches ARE the same for the Powershift and the 4 speed. The way they mount, and the bracket needed is different...... Notice the rod is ALSO different.


11-24-2018, 05:07 PM
I should clarify the one rod that I'm talking about is the 3/8 diameter Rod that goes from the shifter to the transmission. So would be the shifter rod