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11-16-2018, 12:49 AM
I probably should have posted this in the technical forum, however at this point the situation is more conversational than actionable, so here is where I posted it. <end caveat>

I have a cute little '63 two-door Sedan that has a six with overdrive in it. I also have available a small travel trailer (18 ft). Now the six wouldn't be able to handle the trailer as it can barely toddle around in the car. However I do have a 259 (two of them actually) that is available. I also have several car bellhousings and OverDrive transmissions. Though the (primary candidate) 259 is a sixties model, the bellhousings and transmissions are not. My question is, can they be made to work in a '63 sedan without much modification?


11-16-2018, 01:51 AM
That is a neat little '63 Lark Custom 2 dr. a quite Rare Model.

If the Transmissions are the 6 top cover bolt, T-86's yes they will work, BUT if they are before 1958, the Short Tail requires a fixed Yoke driveshaft Flange as used with a car with a Center support Crossmember and TWO piece Driveshaft.

It is possible that a special Custom shaft COULD be made with a short "Jackshaft" with a (splined shaft) slip joint to convert it. A Driveline Specialist would know what to do to convert it to a ONE piece shaft.

These little "Trick" shafts were used on all short bed (6 1/2 Ft.) 112 Inch wheelbase 1/2 Ton Stude. Pickups.

Of course you will; still need V8 Brakes, a Model 44 Rear Axle, V8 Front Springs and all Linkages for; Clutch, Trans. and Carb. to Gas Pedal and the V8 Overdrive Hardware, Cable, Kickdown Switch and Wiring.

The only thing you COULD get by with, would be the Model 27 Rear Axle, BUT if you later upgrade for longevity to the Model 44, the Driveshaft would have to be re-made again to cut shorter.

YES Ron, this does belong in Technical under "Transmission".

11-16-2018, 11:25 PM
Okay, since I don't know how to move this, I'll open a new thread in the Technical forum. Thanks for the answer.

Oh dear, I just noticed the title says '62 when the car is a '63,:oops:

11-21-2018, 11:15 AM
Nice car, Ron. It'll be a runner when you get it going (ask me how I know!)

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