View Full Version : Last day for Hamilton Consignments

10-26-2018, 01:14 PM
It's time to hang it up at Hamilton Consignments. After 5 years we are calling it quits and retiring. It has been fun. We have lots of interest in our little buildings. The potential rent outweighs the income we could ever generate. Good timing.
An 8500 sq. ft. office bldg. was just completed next door and is fully booked.

Everything in the shop is 80% off. People are saying that they wish they had found us sooner. A lot of the vintage hardware will go to eBay. Work benches and shelving , desk and chairs will be on Craig's list. We even have a pair of 10 ft. shutters.
Saturday is our last day.

Wife just booked a non- stop to London. Can't wait!