View Full Version : 1974 AMC Gremlin Commercial

Stude Shoo-wop!
10-21-2018, 06:14 PM
It's best to watch this with a fifth of Scotch in one hand and some Xanax in the other to get the ideal sensations needed. On a serious note, go AMC!


10-21-2018, 08:05 PM

Bob Miles
Pacific Southwest Zone Coordinator

10-22-2018, 05:42 PM
Very Funny, thanks for the laugh

10-28-2018, 11:54 PM
One may joke about them thar' Gremlins but notice that the rear windoze are Avanti like and that venerable AMC 258cid six cylinder really didn't wait for much of anything.

In the mid 1980's I bought one for $300.00 mostly to use as a delivery/transport vehicle that also served as a reintroduction to automatic transmissions which nowadays is the only car so equipped that I will consider.

One last thing... Ever check what Gremlins are going for these days??? Most of you will be unpleasantly surprised!