View Full Version : Hey Hawk-guy...what's your name again, and what's your number?

09-18-2018, 04:44 PM
Last night I went to the gas station to give the Studebaker what will probably be its last full tank of gas this season. On the way home this guy in a ¾ ton Chevy rolls up beside me, rolls down his window, says something to me while gesturing for me to pull over. Not being able to hear him over the road noise in the car, I basically just shrugged, and waved to him. He then pulls ahead of me, makes an abrupt turn onto a side road and parks. I figured something must be wrong with the Stude, so I too turn onto the side road and pulled to the curb in front of his truck. No sooner did I get out of the car and the guy was at my door with phone in hand. He quickly introduces himself and tells me he has a Stude too. He hands me his phone and shows me photos of his 57 Hawk. Pretty nice ride, two tone black and white, and Keystone Classic wheels (I think). Wow, ‘nice’ I say, ‘last time I saw a Hawk like that in town was just about 30 years ago…Sept.1989 to be exact’. So the guy is looking at me like how do I remember last year and month I saw a b&w Hawk in town…so without him asking I added that I remembered the date because it was my first week working at my (then new to me) school in Fairview. At the FLAPS across the street was this cool Hawk that was usually in the parking lot, so I figured it belonged to an employee of the shop. Hey, that was MY car when my dad, uncle, brother used to own it Hawk-guy says. So as it turns out the dad, uncle, brother ( I actually didn’t catch who owned it in all the excitement)ran the FLAPS and ran the car for a few years, lost interest in it, put it into storage somewhere in the province of Saskatchewan, and about 10 years ago Hawk-guy rescued it and has been driving it ever since. So for 10 years this guy has been driving his Hawk, and I have been driving my coupe, we live in adjoining neighbourhoods and have never crossed paths. Pretty cool indeed…but here’s the rub…neither of us grabbed each other’s phone numbers, yet we parted saying we would stay in touch. So what we have here is a couple of dumb-asses, one with no memory (me) who can’t even remember his name. So I’m posting this thinking maybe someone who lives in this part of the world might be able to help me with a name of number of Hawk-guy. Cheers, Junior

09-18-2018, 07:29 PM
Nice story, a funny one too, good luck and keep us all informed.

09-22-2018, 04:51 AM
CRS syndrome cheers jimmijim

09-24-2018, 10:20 AM
CRS syndrome cheers jimmijim

oh ya man...and I have it bad...so bad I can't remeber if its getting worse. lol lol

09-24-2018, 10:22 AM
Yesterday I was planning to attend what’s typically the last large show and shine of the season. It usually draws over 1000 cars, so I was thinking maybe Hawk-guy would show up and we could make a connection, or at least I could ask some of the other Stude owners at the show if they had any idea who he was. Well the weather gods never shined on the day so I elected not to attend. Talking about the weather gods, they have pretty much neglected the month of September around these parts…they haven’t dished out tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, erupting volcanos, and wildfires like many people have been subjected to endure for sure, but lots of gloomy-wettish-days resulting in only a couple of Stude driving days. For me at least, Stude season is coming to a quick end…hopefully next season I’ll get a chance to connect with Hawk-guy again. Cheers, Junior

09-24-2018, 10:55 AM
Another fine example of how this forum 'could/would/should work if everyone cooperated and filled in the boxes.....
If you click on the name (Hawkguy in this instance)....


And you click on 'About Me'.. You "should" get the name of the person whose handle thay use on the forum...
That is... "If" they filled it out when they joined....

09-24-2018, 12:08 PM
enjoyed the story

I judge my memory by how many pair of reading glasses I own.