View Full Version : Auburn in the fall 2018

t walgamuth
09-01-2018, 08:15 PM
So went up today, Saturday and spent the day wandering around checking out cars and having a fine time with my Brother and another friend. There were some Studebakers that came across the block.

First there was a 49 pickup with a chrome grill and very fat rear fenders to cover very wide tires. I believe it sold around $30K. I thought this well sold.

Then there was a stunning lime and yellow 55 speedster with beautiful chrome. It was bid up to $52K and did not sell. I was not surprised this did not sell. It seemed worth more.

Then there was a pretty decent looking '50 commander starlite coupe in Maroon with 53 wheel covers. It sold at around $20K no reserve. this sold for a lot more than I expected with the wrong wheelcovers.

There were so many big healys that I thought some were coming across the block more than once. We counted at least four in black. There also was white, blue, blue and red IIRC. And two two tone black and cream, one with black on top and one with black on the bottom. These healys really look good in two tone IMHO.

There was an astonishing special bodied Deusenberg which was bid to about 750K and didn't sell. Also a Mercedes 300SL roadster (1955?) which bid up to 750K and did not sell.

A miserably hot day but still a great time!