View Full Version : 62 -66 NOS inner rear quarters needed for Daytona

08-15-2018, 09:33 PM
I have a somewhat rusty 65 Daytona Sport Coupe. Both B-pillars are iffy at the bottom. The left rear, rear inner quarter is pushed in and the top mounting rail is slightly rusted through at the rain gutter. The right B-pillar and rear are better but have gapping holes in the wheel well. Please give me no comments on whether or not to fix this car. I am capable of doing it and have totally re-bodied three cars in my time, so no discussion there please. If someone near me, (500 miles ish), has a nearly rust free 64-66 2-door for sale feel free to chime in, otherwise not. Driver preferred but not required, just no basket cases, (not a CASO but not rich).

For the front half of the inner panel 62-66 should be fine as I have no intension of going beyond the beltline and splicing it. No one sees it so no harm no foul. The rear half has a slight difference in the last 3" between the 62-63 and the 64-66 versions but I can save the small portions needed from the existing car. NOS 4DR rears would be considered as they are just added onto differently in the front for the C-pillar jamb.

If anyone needs PT numbers just reply and I will post them all. I have contacted S.I. and Stephan Allen and so a far maybe on one of the four.

Mint used sections would be considered but the cost to deconstruct would be weighed against available NOS. :)