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06-13-2018, 09:45 AM
Has anyone tried a P225 R60 15----Radial on anything Studebaker , mid 50's on thru..... you get a lil extra width ( 8.9) from stock ( 8.5) yet the tire is a tad shorter, so you see a little more of the tire/ white wall ??

06-13-2018, 10:23 AM
Tire width, wheel width and wheel backspace/off-set all need to be considered as well. The first picture below is an 8" wide tire on a stock/original 5" wide wheel. Note the dark black strip where the tire was rubbing on the top A frame when the wheels were turned to the to the stops. The second picture shows the bright shinny edge where the tire rubbed on the A frame. This is from a 1952, however the basic configuration of Studebaker steering remained little changed from 1951 to the end.
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06-13-2018, 10:37 AM
Yes, with the correct backspace wheels, 225 can fit and will work well.

Yes, it's a bad idea to install them on Studebaker wheels. They're just not strong enough to withstand wide radial tires.

jack vines

06-13-2018, 10:58 AM
Say for example-mid 60's Ford rims yes, Not factory rims