View Full Version : Brakes: '53 2R17A rear brake service/stuck drum part 1.

06-03-2018, 09:00 PM
We tackled a rear drum on my 2R17 today. With some help from a Truck Talk member, I got a good description of the process, it was not that clear what to do, simply by reading the manual. The drum started to smoke when we pulled the truck into the driveway 3 years ago, it had rolled as it was towed from its resting spot to this one, so no telling what was in this drum.
Part of the ease in removing the axle plate possibly came when several of the cones came out with the stud as I unbolted the axle flange. When I saw that there were 2 star wheels, I was thankful they both turned easily and I backed them off as far as they can go. The drum still wouldn't turn on the shoes. A 2# sledge applied around the edge of the brake drum lip reasonably, loosened the drum off the shoes at least, but it took a half hour or more of tapping, spinning, prying the drum until it at least cleared the backing plate. After that point, careful encouragement around the diameter with crowbars, turning the drum whenever I could, walked it off the shoes. 7296172962729637296472965729667296772968