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05-30-2018, 07:37 PM
Hello Everyone!

I want to paint my 56 Power Hawk so I have been surfing the web for ideas. I have found a 56 and a 57 Hawk with blue and white paint that I love - see attached. I have paint chip charts for both years, and the 56 looks like Air Force Blue and the 57 looks like either Azure Blue or Admiral Blue you can't really tell from a photo off the web - especially since most are not in direct sunlight.

Can anyone put me in contact with the owners of these cars so that I might find out the paint color and hopefully the actual paint codes used to make the paint?

Thank you!


05-30-2018, 07:55 PM
The 56 blue is called Air Force Blue Poly, or Air Force Blue Iridescent. The iridescence comes from a metal dust, that is too fine to be called metal flake. It is beautiful, and nothing else is quite like it. The 56 white is called Snowcap White, and is very close to 2005 Honda Odyssey white.

If I ever get round to repainting my AF Blue & Snowcap 56J, will need to research the blue. Hopefully you will figure it out first, and then I can follow in your tracks.

I do know, four months ago, PPG charged about twice as much for 1963 Stude Champagne Gold as they woulda charged for a more common, 1970s GM color (Cortez Silver). I was told the extra price was due to the research PPG had to do in order to mix the gold, and the gold ingredients were more expensive. Sounded like BS to me, but live and learn.

05-30-2018, 08:39 PM
That '57 Silver Hawk you found is Very likely a close match to Azure Blue because it is a Metallic, the Admiral Blue is not metallic and not this one, it was mostly only on Scotsman Models.