View Full Version : Choke Setting Mimicked Vapor Lock

05-30-2018, 06:16 PM
Just a thought as we enter into Vapor Lock season. My usually flawless Hawk started and ran great for about 7 minutes. While accelerating it began to miss and sputter. The day was about 88 degrees (May 25, 2018). I backed off and it ran OK. I parked it for about 15 minutes, came out and it started, stalled and eventually ran like crap for about ten miles.

Long story short while I was going to "prime it" with some gas I had the air filter housing completely off and I noticed the choke was about half closed. The engine was completely hot. I adjusted the little black dial to open it and it has run completely fine. Moral of the story is this is a setting we rarely look at after it is set, but I assume the spring must age and it obviously can cause problems. FYI.

05-30-2018, 06:43 PM
Sounds exactly how my Model A and Studebakers run when I have to use the corn crap gas.
The Model A does good on the better gas without corn, but my 1950 Champion did have some fuel boiling problems when I made a 10 to 30 minute stop.