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05-25-2018, 02:06 AM
Studebaker did not actively market accessories until mid 1930 (1931 model year). At that time they began to issue multi page illustrated accessory catalogs meant specifically for dealers and salesmen. These were different from the catalogs given to the new car owners. They were all 8 1/2 X 11" and included pictures of all the accessories, the part numbers and prices along with complete descriptions. The number of pages varied by year and might be from 12 up to 32. Sometimes two or three different issues would be published in a single model year as new items were added or Studebaker was pushing seasonal items. I have a complete run of all these publications and have scanned most and can provide reprinted copies. Of course prices vary depending on the number of pages. If anyone has an interest I can supply prices and no. of pages for each year. You can email direct at rtq11@aol.com or thru this site. A few samples below.
Yes, I know there are very few pre WWII owners on this site so I have also listed them on the AACA Studebaker site.


05-25-2018, 07:43 AM
Thanks for posting and sharing your library

05-25-2018, 09:38 AM
Yes, Thanks. Those are some pretty interesting brochures. I can imagine, in 1932, what a big deal it would have been, to go in to buy a new car. To be able to choose a few accessories to add to it, would have made it even more exciting!