View Full Version : Fenton exhaust headers

05-22-2018, 04:06 PM
Any info on these? I picked them up recently and I think they are Stude V8, maybe 232.

05-22-2018, 04:37 PM
yep ,,look like 232,, wanna sell them,,pm me

05-23-2018, 09:20 AM
THose are pretty cool. Does not appear that they would be much of an improvement over stock, but the KOOOOOL factor is off the charts. Awesome find.

05-23-2018, 10:13 AM
they don't look like they fit a Studebaker with end ports on such an angle bolt holes don't line up either.

05-23-2018, 10:31 AM
Right you are, about the bolt holes. I was thinking Flat head ford with Siamese center port, but they have a cast in generator mount. I can't think of anybody that made a V6 that long ago. I have several flat head fords, but haven't gone out to look at the bolt configuration on the end ports.

05-23-2018, 01:10 PM
Might be Olds or Caddy?-Jim

05-23-2018, 02:15 PM
Looks like they would bolt to a Pontiac V8, but most of those exit more toward the rear, not that close to the middle.

05-23-2018, 02:42 PM
I guess we won’t know for sure until they are placed next to a 232 head.
Quite a bit of speed equipment was made for the 232 V-8. I particularly remember similar looking cast iron exhaust manifolds made by Belond.

05-23-2018, 02:44 PM
That's amazing, they look like what the R3 collector Design was copied after! http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/images/smilies/ohmy.gif

Of course they have very small Ports for a small displacement engine like a 232.
I think Bob may be right, they may not be Stude.

If you have a 259/289 HEAD laying around, you need to try fitting it to the Bolt Holes.
A 232 Exh. Manifold will still bolt up to a 259 head, it just won't flow of course.

05-23-2018, 07:37 PM
I don't know what heads you guys are looking at, but they seem to look like they would match perfectly with all the Studebaker heads I have at home. Shorter outlets for the early heads, of course, but same pattern fer sher.

05-23-2018, 08:29 PM
Ill give that a shot

05-23-2018, 08:31 PM
They look very much like Studebaker bolt patterns. In fact, it looks very much like Studebaker copied Fenton for their Stock 55-64 manifolds. Of course the 232 ports were much smaller. Can someone post a pic of the horrible log manifolds of the stock 232 for comparison. I got rid of my last one I had in stock.