View Full Version : Installing Fuel Hose on a 1950 Land Cruiser

05-20-2018, 08:18 AM
I bought this fuel hose at the swap meet in South Bend, but I wish it was 1/8" larger inside diameter. The frame is in the way to get a good grip on the hose, or even see to get it started over the steel nipple. I'm using my pipe expander to try to make it large enough to slip on. It's been in the hose for over a day, so hopefully I can quickly remove it and slip the hose in place. Then I'll probably have to do the same for the fill pipe. I wonder if Studebaker used two similar fuel hoses, but with a small difference in the ID?


05-20-2018, 04:06 PM
The only way I had luck replacing these was to drop the tank.

05-20-2018, 06:08 PM
I only had to lower the tank an inch or two to get at the clamp screw. The pipe expander worked like a Champ, and the hose slipped right on. I then used the expander on the other end for an hour, and that pipe also slipped on. I placed the clamp in such a position that the screws can be tightened or loosened without lowering the tank.

05-22-2018, 12:04 AM
While bolting the tail pipe and tank back in place, I also noticed this rust hole. Sure didn't expect to find this, as most of the car looks so rust free.
I thought I could cut out a 2" x 4" rust spot and weld in new metal, but this is a double thickness at the right rear of the trunk area.