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Ghost Lightning
05-14-2018, 06:41 PM
I had recently took my 1963 R2 lark "clone" to get stripped down and repainted. My car now looks worse then it did before. There are runs all over in paint, chips from putting hood on, paint don't go all the way down rockers, chips from putting on bumpers. They also destroyed the top dash pad, scratched door panels, when they put door handles and window cranks back on there are gaps they don't meet door panel. Is there a spacer that goes behind door panel can any one tell me how to fix interior things. how to take door panels off dash pad off.

05-15-2018, 06:47 AM
Their are special tools for door handle clips and door panel retainers ,don't worry most flaps carry them and their cheap. for door panel use the remover with "U" shaped shaft and "Nail Puller Head". it will work best. for dash pad pull dash nd lay face down on padded work surface.you will find the pad IS the dash but the instrument panel comes out with switches. patience here will pay off in spades. Luck Doofus

Mrs K Corbin
05-15-2018, 06:49 AM
Sounds like somebody don't know how to paint. I'd take it back. Or wouldn't have accepted it to start with.

05-15-2018, 07:37 AM
Firstly, I would take tons of pictures of this mess before doing anything. Secondly, I'd ask for the name of the insurance of this phony. This guy needs to be straightened, for sure.
This happened to me on a Mercedes. They had to do the job all over again and replace parts that were not damaged before they touched the car. I had said to them before the job that I was a tough customer but it was their privilege not to believe me.
I hope you'll get a full refund, at least, for this.
There is an escutcheon and a spacer between the door panel and the handles. There is also a seal that goes under the panel. Once you have removed their clips with one end of the tool, you use the other side (the flat one) to pry the panels out.
Nice day to all.

05-15-2018, 08:51 AM
what make anyone think their re-do is going to be any better....double the work = 1/2 the job..... get advise on legal proceedings (which may cost $$$$$), or take your lumps and find someone good via network...GL

05-15-2018, 10:51 AM
Here in California we have the Bureau Of Automotive Repair. Shops have to be licensed through them and if if you have a problem you file a complaint and they will go after the shop and you can possibly get money back. There must be similar state agencies in your state. Bet they gave you a good low price. Nothing like getting a killer deal, then having to pay to have it done over ! :eek: