View Full Version : Change from Lever Arm to Gas Shocks?

05-09-2018, 11:11 AM
I will start by saying that my 50 Commander is NOT stock...

Is there any reason to NOT change the rear shocks from the original hydraulic (AKA oil filled) lever arm dampeners to gas shocks?
According to the server manual the oil dampeners need checked every 5000 miles. Who is doing that??? :woot:

Commander Eddie
05-09-2018, 11:28 AM
The original lever arm shocks were pretty robust and you're right, I know of no one who checks them anywhere near that often. I had a '50 Commander not long ago and the original shocks were fine. No leaks and still operated as they should. I believe they were original based on the abundance of service receipts that came with the car going nearly all the way back to new. That being said, it is your decision whether to replace them or not. The condition of yours may be different.

05-09-2018, 11:42 AM
The condition of mine are suspect. I have them off the car now and have drained the fluid from both. I would guess about 1 ounce, from both, came out....
The current plan is to clean them (done), paint them (done) fill and work the arms to see if they "stiffen" and reinstall. Periodic checks will be done. IF they leak or seem to otherwise fail I am considering changing over.

I have change the front shocks to gas and it seems to be going well.

05-09-2018, 01:03 PM
Were the original lever action shocks filled with glycerin?
If so, I'd drain and fill them with hydraulic oil.

05-09-2018, 04:50 PM
Very little come out and it was not exactly smooth...
Refilled with Fork Oil (forgot where the reference came from) There was a bit of grinding which smoothed out once I worked the shock. My plan is to run these for a while then remove and check. I am sure the next time I take them off will be MUCH easier than this time.

05-10-2018, 01:32 AM
I have change the front shocks to gas and it seems to be going well.[/QUOTE]

I have a ‘50 Land Cruiser. How did you do this and what shocks specifically (year/make/model? Part #?) did you use?

05-10-2018, 08:58 AM
I purchased a set of KYB model 343137 from O'Reillys auto. You also will need the 50 Champion lower shock mounts which bolt in with no problem.

I added a more detailed explanation at: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?105534-50-Commander&p=1109295#post1109295