View Full Version : Need Decal Pictures for 1950 Commander Engine Oil and Air Filters

05-06-2018, 08:20 PM
If anyone has pictures showing the correct decals and placement of same for the 1950 Commander/Land Cruiser with the eastern states air filter, I'd like to see them to help me restore my engine compartment. I bought an NOS voltage regulator from Bob to replace the bad one on the car, and bought some decals from SI a few days ago, but I've never seen good pictures of the eastern states air filter with good paint and decals. The northeastern states didn't get the oil bath air filter.


05-07-2018, 02:29 AM
There were very Few Decals on these older models, the Air Cleaner and Oil Filter are about it.
I wouldn't put a bunch of newer model Decals on it like "Caution Fan" etc.

Skip Lackie
05-07-2018, 07:06 AM
Am not at home to take pictures, but the decals on the oil filter cans (when used on flat-head sixes) are located opposite the mounting bracket, so that they are visible from the left side of the vehicle. They are centered midway between the top and bottom of the can.

05-07-2018, 08:59 AM
Does anyone know how the heat shield at the base of the carb was finished?
Cad plated, or painted, or plain steel?

Skip Lackie
05-07-2018, 03:56 PM
I bought a new one for a Commander 6 many years ago, and it had been given a thin coat of semi-gloss black. No primer.

05-07-2018, 06:43 PM
I wanted to match the original black paint, so here's a picture of my NOS regulator cover, and an Autolite regulator cover I painted using Rustoleum Semi-Gloss Black 2 X paint.
Looks like a perfect match to me, so I repaint the Delco regulator cover due to some shelf wear.