View Full Version : Battery box/hold-down mechanism for M-series trucks

04-15-2018, 06:25 PM
Greetings, readers. Here's another of my eclectic questions about my M-series truck. For reference, it's a 1948 M16.

I know there is at least one poster here on the Forum who's pretty hard on the lack of a battery hold-down apparatus :), so to keep from raising the wrath about that (and to have a safely-secured battery, as it should be) I'm posing this question.
Does anyone out here have a photo or two of what a proper and stock battery hold-down apparatus for my truck should look like? I have the M-series parts book, but don't see that specific item covered anywhere (at least not in any illustrations I've found). Since I can't find that, I don't know what part number(s) to ask for or look for, and with no illustration I can't even try to have an original-looking thing re-created.

Only vestiges of mine (see attached photo) are left: one arm projecting out from the inner fender, and one piece that looks like it is tack-welded to the inner fender. Right now, my battery sits on a section of oak plank and is "secured" with a knotted rubber cargo strap. Since the truck has no working brakes right now, nor has it started for me in a few months, actually driving it immediately is a moot point; but, when those issues get corrected, I'd like to have the correct, stock-like apparatus in there to keep the battery in place. Any leads, or helpful comments/information will be greatly appreciated!