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04-06-2018, 05:38 PM
716667166471665New pics can be blown up now.

One of our long time helpers/members that has been with Studebakers Northwest for years Has a 61 finned Hawk to get sold. This is a project almost done. I have nothing to do with this except that I help find parts and do things as he helps with our cars and parts. Email ME PLEASE and I will connect you to HIM. Here goes:

The car is out of Sac. CA and went to Long Beach where it had some work done and then sat. He got it in 2007 when were at a Stude LA show and when we saw its condition, He brought it home. It has taken years to find all of the items to make it to HIS liking and he did a very decent job.

The car is a rust free example, one of the finest I have ever seen. It is loaded with NOS chrome I mean almost ALL of it down to vent window handles. The hard parts are done. The car is in Primer that I sprayed myself. There is NO bondo on this car except on the front fender that was one of the only parts of the car that ever had damage. We put a new (cut it off) front fender from another car and it is near seamless. There are bent hood corners that do fit now, and that is all. This PRIMER ROD is something to see! Regulators and glass channels are new, new rubber kit included dash is NOS everything.

Engine is a A replacement, the original is torn down, comes with. He did not want to 'hot rod' it.. He chose a full flow '63 with Ford flat tops milled head, running about 9.20 Comp with All new HD Tri metal bearings and parts that we have in stock., Wait a minute, what? It was a complete, RUNNING engine, that we tore down just because we wanted to inspect it and it went from there.

He is a perfectionist. The parts inside the engine are all new. The Pertronix, Carb, everything you can do is New, the wire harness is a fused panel box with pre wired/ fused everything, and can stack P/W Stereo etc... 2 wire GM Alternator. New T 10 4 speed. Hurst shifter with 3 handles to fit you, he or whoever....

The Car looks stock, has so many goodies, sway bar 3.73 TT , All new wheel cyl, brakes steel line/ hoses the list goes on.

If you had the money and the parts and the 100 years combined Studebaker experience that went into this near perfect example of one of the best Studebaker Hawks around you would spend roughly $20+ K and I mean it. It is ready for a new interior and I hope you leave it rat rod primer or paint it the original Autumn Haze. I saw this car get built, it is one of very few taken to this level.

The king pins, are NOS and new bushings all top to bottom, this car was torn all the way down, and redone.

This car is $ 16,500 US dollars and you have room for the paint, new tires , alignment and a few minor things like exhaust to finish one of the best I have ever seen. I have no hand in the sale except emails go through me. He is not a computer guy. Thanks guys


MIKE hotwheels63r2@hotmail.com

04-06-2018, 06:10 PM
Curious if that would be Epoxy Primer ?

04-06-2018, 06:17 PM
Yes it IS high Quality Epoxy Satin finish Sealer over bare Metal.

04-06-2018, 06:25 PM
Oh so it was done as a "sealer" version, at least some used to give the option.

Yes it IS high Quality Epoxy Satin finish Sealer over bare Metal.

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Wow, so many great Studebaker deals coming up everywhere. A person could go broke saving money. I could definitely appreciate this car. But would have to install OD, PS, and DB.

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That is a nice car and deal for the RIGHT person. That person is NOT me. I no longer do that much work on them and shipping of a non-op would cost too much. I wish him luck on finding the right person. As the car becomes more finished, it would be more saleable (IMO).

04-07-2018, 12:31 AM
I'm sorry, The NOS exhaust is 16 years old, but never ran. He thinks it needs new because of surface rust. It sure would look better with S/S from back East, but Social Security check did not budget for that. His own words. More Here: ( I totally forgot it has 4 new tires and 2 sets of front/ back glass. )

I thought it was understood, you don't waste a new gasket if you are to actually paint it Autumn Haze. It comes with a full new rubber kit. All things on the car are new or reconditioned. " I mean every nut, bolt, switch, wiper motor, light socket, heater valve, heater hose, re cored RADiator, heater core, blower fan, air duct, ALL of it! The list goes on and on except for the speedo. The cigar lighter is new.

That dash cost more than a used KIA he said. Glass will be installed as per new owner when they buy the car before they drive it away or put it in a trailer, because of how you paint, and also the headliner must 'tuck' behind it.. ( you do not put this car on an 'open' trailer) ( I failed to mention it does run and drive. ) Everything, top to bottom is new or near perfect. The panels were removed and primed front and back the proper way." Every part of the chrome is re- chrome, or came from SNW, Ebay or one of 25 Swap meets we went to over the last 20 years" Those are NOS side grilles, , pods, and re chromed bumpers. The body side mouldings are new, buffed , or nice all of them. We have some of the old Studebaker boxes if someone wants it. There are pics, of everything. not just these. 7158071581

"this is not a primer special to re sell" This could use better pics" (my fault again) Here is the 'bent hood" The car needs $ 1200 my cost to peck and file the rest of the dents to be a true 'bondo free' car. That is why we had the fender cut in 'half' and replaced. It was not 'in half'-- just the headlight opening because the car 'winked' at you. I did it right, all steel' and new.

My fault I forgot what he said. Drive it away man I THOUGHT it was obvious. MIKE

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