View Full Version : time for a gas tank for my '55 truck

03-20-2018, 02:32 PM
The original tank is long gone but my truck is on a '87 Dodge Dakota frame so it probably wouldn't have worked anyway. If I reuse the Dakota tank I will have to raise the bed floor 3-4 inches. I really don't want to do that. The truck will be carburated so I don't need a tank with an internal fuel pump. My local sheet metal shop is working me up an estimate for a new tank but I'm afraid it will be above budget. Has anyone found a late model tank that will fit a Studebaker truck, either parallel with the frame rails or under the back , behind the rear axle? thanks

03-20-2018, 02:39 PM
Look at a 60s Mustang gas tank. Its not too big, flat and may be able to be installed low between the frame rails.

03-20-2018, 06:05 PM
The Metal and Plastic replacement Tanks are available New from many Classic Car and Street Rod Tank suppliers, usually their Websites show all the dimensions and shape with a picture, so it would be easy to find a nice 18-21 Gal. or so to nicely Fit your Truck.

Mass produced, are always cheaper and often better than Custom Made Parts.

03-21-2018, 08:58 AM
I wondered where the source was for all the resto trucks seen on TV. Always a rear cross section mount out back with filler cap in bed floor. Not a problem for 90% of our trucks...

03-24-2018, 09:25 PM
I have discovered that a '91 Ford Ranger 4x4 plastic tank works well under my truck. The fill tube even lines up with the hole in the cab floor so the original filler tube thru the cab corner can be used. Now I need to find the top part of a fill tube, that the cap fits on since mine is long gone. I suppose any one will work, regardless of what it's off of as long as I can find a cap to fit it. I have a fuel level gauge kit that came with a sender so I will not be using the Ford Ranger sender. I have capped off the hole for the sender and will be making a new hole for the new sender. I will also have to figure out how to put a tube thru the top for fuel pick up. I wonder if I should put a strainer on the tube? I can work thru the big hole where the factory sender was to install the new parts.

03-26-2018, 05:48 PM
I got a fuel level gauge kit from NAPA, where I work. The kit includes the gauge, gauge mounting under dash bracket, sending unit and hardware. at first I had my doubts about the sending unit because it seemed the depth could not be set to the level needed for a tank 11" deep, like mine. Turned out the directions are not very clear. After watching a video on youtube by Chevs-of-the-forties I knew what to do. I will try hooking the new sender to the original Studebaker gauge but I doubt if it will work correctly. No big deal. I will mount the new gauge under the dash. I picked up some fittings for the thru-the-tank connection for my pick up tube.