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old fart
03-14-2018, 03:42 PM
Alright those with the knowledge about the electrical parts of our cars please give me your answer all others need not opinionate , I do not need to burn everything up especially after spending too much dough on this car . The question is the control switch for the 63 Lark convertible roof and the control switch for the power rear window on a 63 Wagonaire the ones with the the 2.5 inch chrome lever handle , are they the same switch ??

03-14-2018, 04:43 PM
They have very different part numbers, the top switch only has 3 terminals, the window motor has 4 wires as does the switch.
See https://www.studebakerparts.com/studebakerparts/store/s/html/images/avantiwindowwiring.jpg

On a 1963-1964 Avanti window motor, there is the white for ground, black for power, then a yellow and a green for up and a red and green for down. Just make sure it's grounded and make sure the green is connected along with the red or yellow. If you neglect the green wire, you'll fry the motor very quickly, as it is instrumental in reversing the polarity of the windings to provide the direction