View Full Version : Need Starter Autolite 12V for 185ci engine in 1950 Champion

12-27-2017, 07:31 PM
1) Finishing a restoration of Champion '50 9G-C5 w/ 185ci engine from 1956. Converting 6 to 12V. Starter I need is from Champion 1956-1959+
AutoLite Model MBG-4103, 12Volts w/ 9 teeth pinion gear and 151 teeth ring gear for Standard Trani/OD

I am looking for this 12V starter either rebuild or in good condition ready to use.

2) I had my 6V starter just rebuild:
used in Stude Champion 1950-1955 w/ 170 ci engine
AutoLite Model MZ-4157, 6Volts, for 124 teeth ring rear and 9 teeth pinion gear.
My starter does not work for 6 to 12V conversion due to 151 teeth ring gear

Consider using my 6V starter to swap for a 12V starter or use if for discount on ust rebuild 12V starter.

3) Also for sale just rebuild Generator AutoLite 6Volt Model GDZ6001A used in 1950-1955 Champions. $100 + shipping

4) Final Question:
Does the 12V Starter (from Champion 1956+) would fit and align in the bell housing of the 1950 Champion?