View Full Version : Important Clarification: October 2017 Co-Operator

09-29-2017, 09:20 AM
:oops: There was an unintentional misunderstanding in my and Andy Beckman's exchange regarding Studebaker National Museum research published in the October 2017 Co-Operator:

The first 30 minutes of research are free only for walk-in customers doing their own research, not research being done that was requested through telephone calls, e-mails, or regular mail. An e-mail from Andy this morning clarifies that:

Hi, Bob. I just got the October Turning Wheels and was reading in The Co-Operator regarding production order research.

My apologies if my response below wasn’t clear, but the 30 minutes of free research time applies to in-person visits only, that is, people actually coming to the archives to do research. For all other requests, the clock starts immediately. AB

My apologies are also tendered for not having clarified that with Andy during our e-mail exchanges about the topic when preparing the October 2017 Co-Operator.:o

Best to all. :cool: BP