View Full Version : 26 Roadster- I would drive this.

09-26-2017, 04:13 PM
!926 Studebaker roadster. I would definitely drive this.....if I had the $$$. ;) https://memphis.craigslist.org/cto/d/26-roadster-studebaker/6321288679.html

09-26-2017, 06:07 PM
Me too :!: Dig the 4spd , but whats up with the carpet? Color blind?

09-26-2017, 10:36 PM
It's not exactly like I would have done it either. The main thing is that there is nothing I couldn't live with if I had to.

09-27-2017, 10:35 AM
Pretty sweet car...I agree about the carpet (and seatbelt)colour, and personally I get tired of torq-thrust II wheels because they seem to be on 99% of streetrods these days. Awesome stance, and double-dig the 283 3x2 with 4spd. combo. Best thing about it is it's a Stude and not a model A. cheers, junior