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09-20-2017, 09:02 AM
I have a pair of NOS front fenders for a 64-66 Lark type, I bought at Newman Altman in the mid 70's.
One has the holes for the Daytona type chrome and the other one doesn't. I'm wanting to sell them, what's a fair price for these?

09-20-2017, 11:48 AM
They haven't been generally available for some time. I wouldn't hazard a guess at a current price. Others that have dealt in these more recently than I have, may be able to chime in and help you.
My suggestion is to put them on eBay and see what the market says. I realize that shipping is a problem.

EDIT: I stand corrected. I didn't realize that these were available NOS. I have owned a lot of 1964 Lark types (four Cruisers alone), but none needed fenders.

09-20-2017, 12:33 PM
Steven Allen is asking $175 a piece and Studebaker International asks $225 each.

09-20-2017, 01:11 PM
I paid 300 for a pair of NOS this year at York.

09-20-2017, 01:23 PM
The last I heard, there were around a Thousand of these, mostly returned from Hamilton I believe at the time S.I. bought them.

Larry s
09-20-2017, 05:29 PM
Hi, I might be interested in one or both of them .

09-20-2017, 05:30 PM
Thanks for the info. I'd like to get $250 for the pair. If anyone is interested. If not I'll list them on the Studebaker swap site.

Larry s
09-20-2017, 05:30 PM
Hi, I might be interested in one or both if them.

09-20-2017, 05:31 PM
Hi, I might be interested in one or both of them .

You would have to PM joncon with your offer.

09-21-2017, 01:04 PM
"The last I heard, there were around a Thousand of these"

Back in the early 1990's I was lucky enough to spend a chilly dark day digging through the upper floors of the OLD Newman & Altman building.
When we got off the freight elevator on one of those un-lit upper floors, across the floor from the elevator were what looked like stacks and stacks of giant Nautilus shells?; some clockwise and others counter-clockwise.
Each "shell" turned out to be a stack of about 10, either left or right, 64-66 front fenders banded together with the top (hood) edges touching each other, and the lower edges kinda curving around to make the semi-circle.
This was before Denny Lambert took over and started having those big sheet metal sales, so no idea how many remain.