View Full Version : Electrical: Wiper woes

08-26-2017, 05:32 PM
I just got my 65 Cruiser inspected 2 days ago...washed the car today, now the windshield wipers won't work. None of the wiring got wet, and looking at a wiring diagram, I find no fuse, but there is a circuit breaker. Where is it located, and what does it look like? The Wiper switch on the dash does nothing, and I looked around under the dash to no avail. Is there a way to test the wiper motor and dash switch? Is there any way to bypass the switch and install another switch to get my wipers to work? I'm not to good with electrical gremlins, so if there are any ideas out there, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!!
PS...I looked in the shop manual, and it was no help....

08-28-2017, 02:37 PM
A simple Test Light is your very BEST Electrical Tool!

Test for Power Key on ACC. (Left) at the Batt. Terminal of the switch, good, OK the Breaker and wiring is fine, then turn the switch to High and test for a Light on an output Terminal.

Of course you Ground the Alligator Clip wire of the Test Light to the Dash Frame and poke with the Ice Pick like end onto Terminals to be Tested. The Wiring Diagram will help I.D. the Terminals AND their Wires.

This '63-'64 Diagram will work for the Dash portion of the '65-'66 Models:

If the Switch is dead, New NOS ones are available at: http://studebakervendors.com
You MAY have to Buy a Black '66 Switch and Paint it off-White. ;)