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08-24-2017, 08:44 PM
In a build sheet it says

Description of Unit and Equipment
56H D6
P5636 Gold White
T8422 White Gold

I'm guessing P5636 Gold White means Sunglow Gold/Snowcap White
What do you supose T8422 White Gold means?

Studebaker Wheel
08-24-2017, 09:46 PM
Bill; My guess it means the gold vinyl and the offwhite vinyl as shown in the image below from the comprehensive color and upholstery book for 1956.


08-25-2017, 12:04 PM
For those that don't know, or are too lazy to look it up, 56H-D6 is a 2 door Pinehurst wagon (I know, 2 door and Pinehurst are redundant.).

Dwain G.
08-25-2017, 11:26 PM

08-26-2017, 08:42 AM
The original information we have available is amazing. I have grown used to it, but talking with a Chevy guy a few days ago helped me appreciate it. He was impressed by the history and info we have available to make use of.