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08-18-2017, 05:35 PM
Howdy SDC members! I'm posting this on behalf of Stu Chapman:

As Elections Coordinator for SDC, working with SDC Vice President Don Jones, I am posting a Call for Nominations for the positions indicated.

Every year, the Studebaker Drivers Club conducts elections for half the Zones. The time for nominations for the 2018-2020 term is NOW! SDC members can either nominate themselves or another member. We look for people who want to contribute to SDC and help make it the best club it can be. We always look for some new players.

This year, nominations are now being accepted for NATIONAL DIRECTORS and ZONE COORDINATORS for the following Zones: Atlantic Zone, Pacific Southwest Zone, North Central Zone, Southeast Zone, Upper Mississippi Valley Zone. The two year terms will commence April 15th 2018.

This year, nominations are now being accepted for REGIONAL MANAGERS for the following Zones: Crossroads Zone, Northeast Zone, Pacific Can-Am Zone, South Central Zone, International Zone. The two year terms will commence April 15th 2018.

Nominees must be current SDC members in good standing, who must be residing in the Zone or Region being represented. If you are nominating another person, be sure to confirm that the nominee is willing to perform the responsibilities of the office. The terms of office are for two years. There are term limits for the position of National Director.

The JOB DESCRIPTIONS are as follows:

National Director
The National Director represents the Zone at the annual National Board Meeting, scheduled Conference Call Board Meetings, the annual General Membership Meeting, and special meetings called by the SDC President. The National Director communicates with, and maintains a good relationship with, the Zone Coordinator and Regional Manager(s). National Directors are elected for two years and are restricted to a three (3) consecutive term limitation.

Zone Coordinator
The Zone Coordinator acts as the liaison between the Regional Manager and the National Director and National Officers, and reports directly to the SDC President. Quarterly, the Zone Coordinator receives a membership status report from the SDC Membership Secretary and distributes it to the Regional Manager(s). In the absence of a National Director for the Zone, the Zone Coordinator shall fill the term of office vacated. If such vacancy occurs during the first year of the term, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy for the second year of the term. If the National Director for the Zone is unable to attend the annual National Board Meeting, the Zone Coordinator will act as the Alternate. The Zone Coordinator coordinates the scheduling of Zone Meets within the Zone and works with adjacent Zones to avoid any conflict in dates. Zone Coordinators are elected for two years.

Regional Manager
A Region may be a state/province, part of a state/province, or several states/provinces. The Regional Manager is the contact reference for SDC members in that Region. Quarterly, the Regional Manager receives a membership status report from the Zone Coordinator, and distributes it to the Chapter Presidents. The Regional Manager also maintains a current list of chapters and their officers within the Region. The Regional Manager supports the formation of new chapters, and encourages chapters to hold regular meetings, and to publish a newsletter. The Regional Manager assists the Zone Coordinator in appointing committee members if needed, as well as solving regional problems, and other duties as requested. Regional Managers are elected for two years.

So prepare your nominations and send them by email or written letter to both of:

Stu Chapman
SDC Elections Coordinator
302-100 Plains Road West
Burlington, ON
L7T 0A5
email: schapman5@cogeco.ca

- and -

Don Jones
SDC Vice President
P.O. Box 229
Concord VA 24538
email: keydetsdj@aol.com


Once all nominations are received, official ballots will be generated and distributed to SDC members via Turning Wheels. Ballots can either be mailed or by scanning a signed copy of the official ballot and sending it by email. The SDC Vice President, Don Jones, must receive all ballots for these elections by April 1, 2018.

Information about, and nomination progress for, will be provided via the Studebaker Forum on a regular basis. We have many dedicated members who contribute to the success of the Studebaker Drivers Club. Please show your support for the Club which represents the Studebaker marque that is so special to all of us. Thank you.

Stu Chapman