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07-29-2017, 10:42 AM
I got a call from a fellow the other day who has a six cylinder 59 Lark 2 door hardtop. He was looking for a stock manifold for his car and found our chapter on the internet. He has had the car for several years and enjoyed driving it until he had some problems. He moved to this area a few years ago and, I think, had to tow the car.
Anyway, he searched around and found someone who would rebuild his engine and got it back after a long time only after threatening to take the pieces and go elsewhere. He was having fuel problems and after trying to rebuild his carb and messing it up, he sent it to Jon Myer to be repaired. That is when he found out that his Lark had a WE carb from an earlier engine. He found a correct RS carb somewhere and sent it to Myer for a rebuild. After he got the carb back, he discovered it would not fit on the manifold he had and the search began for a correct manifold. He searched the internet and found manifolds, but the shipping was high and he still wasn't sure what he needed.
Finally.....he searched for Studebaker clubs and found the list. He called here and we arranged to meet. I had a selection of manifolds for him to look at when he got here. We also found that he had been using the oil bath air cleaner that came with the WE carb. I remembered seeing a Lark type 1 barrel air cleaner on a shelf and retrieved that. It was missing the clamp so we got the part number for him to search.(one of you may get a call ;) )
It turns out that this fellow was a member of the SDC in the 90s and dropped out. Joe and I convinced him that he needed to join SDC and our chapter to get the benefits of our networking. He has a repair manual, but we also showed him the parts book with its illustrations and explained why it is so useful when working on something. I was just going to give him the manifold and charge him a little for the air filter housing, but he wasn't sure if he could change out the studs and clean up the manifold correctly. I am going to put the manifold in my electrolytic tank and then change out the studs. I don't usually do work for other people, but this guy needs a hand.
It is amazing to me that in this age of computers and all its information that there are still people who are going it alone and searching junk yards and such for relatively common parts. :o

Mike Sal
07-29-2017, 04:17 PM
Remember when that was the ONLY way you could find parts.....traveling from town to town & junk yard to junk yard....hoping they would have a part that wasn't worse than the one you had......ah, the good ole days.....
Mike Sal

07-29-2017, 07:10 PM
Before Ladybird Johnson decided to police the savage yards you could sometimes spot a prospective parts donor from the highway....... or you would see a part listed in Turning Wheels, write the seller, wait at least a week, get a reply, send payment if they still had the part, and then wait a week or two for delivery. One transaction could easily take a month.
I knew a member who, after a bad experience with a chrome shop, wanted NOS chrome for his 53 Starliner. He ordered everything he could find listed in the last few months of Turning Wheels expecting most of it to be already sold. To his surprise, boxes started to arrive and he ended up having to borrow money from the bank to pay for everything. :o He did end up with a show winner.

07-29-2017, 07:55 PM
It sounds like the '59 Lark VI owner was given (or found) a lot of bad Parts and info.

The '59's originally had an earlier version of the Carter "AS" Carb. that Studebaker had to do MANY Service Letter repairs, replacements on because of several issues.

Then there are the '61-'62 Model AS Carbs. that were very good improvements on the original.

But if Jon and Mike rebuilt a "RS" I believe that would be the famed RBS Carter with the round tin float bowl, that only fits '63 & '64 OHV Sixes and is worse than Junk! :( Unfortunately, another bad choice.

07-29-2017, 10:15 PM
I may have remembered the number wrong on the carburetor. In any case it fits the correct style manifold. The manifold and carb he was using reminded me of one I removed from a 54 Champion. As a side note, he said the Lark ran great with the WE carb for a number of years. He messed it up trying to replace the accelerator pump.