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345 DeSoto
07-23-2017, 12:23 PM
Has anyone installed a front disc brake kit from "Hot Rods and Brakes"? If so, what did you think of the quality of the kit? NO...not a Turner Brake Kit...

07-23-2017, 12:49 PM
You might read this. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?65191-Front-disc-brake-kit-opinion

Mike Van Veghten
07-23-2017, 02:27 PM
Yea, see my initial post as noted above.

I did make one change...I bought a set of Wilwood aluminum calipers (bolt-on). A bit lighter than OEM GM parts.

Otherwise, I still have the same opinion about them...they'll work just fine for years to come, daily driver or show queen.